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Our Story

Hey there! Welcome to Hello Planters. My name is Mike, the muscle behind this operation, and sitting next to me telling me what to type is Kait, the brains behind the operation. Since you've probably never met us, let's take some time to get to know each other. Kait and I both grew up in families where plants and flowers were talked about at breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Both our parents worked in the greenhouse industry, and ever since both of us could walk, we have found ourselves working in the greenhouse alongside our families. Fast forward to 2014, we stumbled into each other's lives, and 5 years later we are a happily married couple which share, (among other things) a mutual love for plants and, you guessed it, container gardening.

Kait runs a retail garden center with her mom, and for the past 5 years has been perfecting her knack at container gardening. What started as planting a few different plants in simple containers turned into a talent which brings out the most beautiful container gardens you'll ever see. (She told me to type that, but it's true!) There is nothing that makes us happier then seeing the look on customer's faces when they purchase one of Kait's container gardens and put it on their porch, patio or deck and see the beauty it brings to their outdoor space. We would like nothing more than to have the chance to bring you the same happiness!

Not so long ago, Hello Planters was just a dream of two young people who have a love for planting and a passion for making people happy. We are so excited that this dream is now becoming a reality, and we want to thank you for helping us make more and more people happy with our beautiful container gardens.

We look forward to meeting you and beautifying your outdoor space soon!

Mike & Kait